Vinyl Restorations
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Parent Directory - AngelFace-Shock_vinyl12inch.mp3 08-Aug-2005 16:34 12M Baby_Doll_US-Remix-GirlsCantHelpIt_12inchvinyl.mp3 12-Feb-2008 23:44 9.6M Big_Apple_Production_Vol.1_-_Ser_&_Duff.ogg.x 23-Apr-2007 18:55 49M BoredAndBeautiful-Robey.mp3 22-Apr-2007 22:12 9.7M CanYouFeelMyLoveForYou-Madi.ogg 22-Apr-2007 18:24 13M Can_I_Help_You_Baby_EuroJamMix_-_Morgana.mp3 12-Feb-2008 23:42 11M GirlsCantHelpIt-RhythmOfTheJungle.mp3 22-Apr-2007 20:58 6.2M Madness_(Dub_Mix_jult-revamp)_-_Zee.ogg 03-Feb-2007 22:31 19M RisqueDisco_unprocessed.mp3 28-Dec-2002 15:16 5.6M SeeYouTonight-Tower.ogg 04-Jul-2015 23:15 9.4M SjoohSjoohSugar-Champagne_vinyl.ogg 01-May-2007 19:02 4.5M princerotic-minimix.mp3 16-Feb-2016 10:43 22M
If you want me to restore or digitize your old master/tape-recording or vinyl,
please ask; I deliver perfect thoroughly hand-cleaned restorations
(i.e. I do this work professionally too, and I'm not expensive).
These are versions or editions of audio-tracks that are out of production (by that
I mean you can't buy them in stores, they're no longer being distributed as such).
This is important to know, because I'm not trying to make money on other people's work,
I do this out of respect for their work, for music history and quite often
to archive the quality of originals and similar motivations.

If you want these files on CD (CDDA), don't decode them to wav,
just drop me a note on and I'll be able to
provide you with dithered down 44.1 kHz/16 bit audio.
My original digitizations are of higher quality than CD-audio, some are 48 kHz/24 bit or above.